Here are some pointers that will help me provide you with the best quilting job.


  • Trim all the loose threads to prevent shadowing
  • Pressed flat from the front
  • Make sure all seams are secure
  • Remove embellishments like buttons and crystals. Reattach them after the quilting is complete. Please discuss with me first if there is a special reason to have embellishments attached.
  • no wavy borders – click here to see “No Wavy Border” instructions
  • squared corners
  • Leave cutting of scalloped edges until after the quilting is complete
  • edges of seams secured; run a basting 1/8” from edge
  • If directional, mark top of quilt with safety pin
  • Puckers, tucks and fullness cannot be quilted out. I will do my best to get rid of fullness


  • edges squared
  • Press. If seamed, I prefer ½ inch seam allowance with seams pressed open. Reduce stitch length for stronger seams.
  • at least 4" larger than top, all around.
    • 60" x 60" top would have a backing that is 68" x 68"
  • if directional, mark top of backing with safety pin


  • If customer is providing batting it must be at least 4" larger than top all around
    • 60" x 60" top would have a backing that is 68" x 68"

Please do not baste, pin or tack your quilt layers together.

Consultation / Design / Drop Off Session

This session will last up to an hour. I will look over your quilt for any possible quilting issues. Measure the top, backing and batting. Select design(s) or I will create a custom design for you. Select thread. Select batting if not customer supplied. You will be given an estimate and approximate date of quilt delivery.
Not necessary, but if you would like to get pattern ideas before your appointment, feel free to browse some of my favorite pattern designers:

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